Dereham Blues Festival

July 22, 2018

Annie is booked for Deraham Blues festival but sans drummer Simon Clark who was unwell. 

It's been a tricky year for the band. There have been bereavements, knee operations, migraines and hernias. Not to mention car smashes, changes in line up and dwindling venues to play. You have to stay positive and hope that the universe will fill the gaps with some good karma. We must be good at heart because the ether sent us the splendid Terry Anderson not just to keep time but to pick up our spirits and inspire us to play like blues daemons. We have to thank the organisers of Dereham Blues Festival Stuart and Doreen Aitkin who did such an amazing job of making the Blues Festival such  a fantastic event and connecting us with Terry. 


Shropshire to Dereham is about a five hour drive so we all booked into local digs and headed up the motorway to Norfolk. We were booked for two gigs for the festival. At the Railway Station and The Main Event. "It almost classes as a tour!" said Lyndon after checking our gig list and seeing we were playing five gigs over three weeks in Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Norwich. 


True to my hopes Terry Anderson of The Mojo Preachers played two  immensely energetic and outstanding set for us. Folks came back for a second helping and we made lots of new friends. I was a bit anxious as I was taking up the harp for these gigs too. I'm no Terry Earl Taylor, Steve Luff or Ieuan Edge but with the help of Lyndon shouting out the right harp key for each number and a bit of natural feel think I did a passable job. Seems that I keep wearing out my harp players. (Any harpers reading who fancy a blow and have a strong constitution please do get in touch!)  


To crown the festival we made into the Easter Daily Press with a wonderful photograph taken at the station. (At one point I was getting heckled by a freight train!) Seems as though Automatic Annie have made it onto the Norfolk blues map. We very much hope to be invited again. All our thanks to Terry Anderson, we hope our paths will cross again. 











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