Our Annie In Havana

December 8, 2017

How am I feeling? Excited that's what! It's the party season and Annie have landed the biggest gig in Shrewsbury. Pete and I wore out the shoe leather one evening in October hoping to pick up some gigs in town. We visited a few great looking venues (and a couple of proper dodgy ones)  and really liked the look of Havana Republic in particular.

I can just see us here, I said to Pete grinning impishly as I handed over our card to the bar tender saying - "you know I think Automatic Annie would be the perfect band for you". 

Within days I had a call back from Martin the owner manager at the club. Can you do Halloween gig? And a bit later on.... will you Voodoo Woman and My Man's and Undertaker....and Mojo Working... and Hoodoo You Love?  I was impressed Martin had been looking at our videos and music. With the way things are today in the music business if anyone gives you a bit of a second glance you need to take it as a serious compliment, so when someone actually LISTENS to what you are doing it comes as a bit of a surprise. 


We did the Halloween gig and Martin came up with some splendid advertising. Were really impressed with the spooky graphics and video editing that Havana put up on their site. WE NEED to work with HAVANA REPUBLIC! I said to the boys with calm and control vibrating through my entire being.

I was blown away, after just one gig we were offered a residency at Havana and dates in December - 9th, 23rd and New Year's Eve, and monthly gigs through 2018.  


So what does a residency mean for Automatic Annie? Firstly it's hugely prestigious to have a residency!

It's not an easy thing to snag these days. Massive Kudos for us. It shouts out HIGH QUAILITY BAND! 

It gives us a toe hold into the Shrewsbury music scene - again not easy when there are so many bands clammering for attention. It means energy behind us and a creative boost, it means learning more music and more opportunities to play it.


It means we can start to work on that Latin Jazz we all have sitting in our collective backgrounds and it means that we can try more things out. It gives us a chance to showcase Steve on guitar and vocals. We will be introducing new material to the set every month so that means fast work and staying really energised about the music. So all in all we are on the up and up. We are delighted and hope you will think of us as Your Annie in Havana. 









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