The Measure

February 24, 2017


Rock drummers are notoriously savage. 

Sometimes unpredictable, often ungovernable, usually downright frisky and decidedly hot under the collar.


As a young singer in the late 80's my dad gave me "the drummer chat" explaining that if I dated one,  I would end up spending a lot of time sewing my knickers back together. He also told me that drummers eat lard, and rig their kits with explosives just for larks.

See what I did there? I dug a huge hole, and now .....

I am going to do a very fast and clever backfill.

I will do this by explaining that drummers and percussionists are two very different animals.


Automatic Annie's new drummer, Simon Clark, is a percussionist and jazz drummer and this is a whole different order of musician entirely. 

Controlled, creative and agile, brushing and syncopating with energetic elegance, Simon has blown all my preconceptions and experiences into the distance. As such I have respectfully put aside my bumper book of drummer jokes in order to admire Simon's cool and his undeniable musicality.


If Mensa made drummers ..... they would roll out Simon.

A truly skilled percussionist, vibraphone player, deep thinking musician and a gentleman.

We are truly delighted to welcome him to Automatic Annie.


Of course, it is still early days and he may just be on his best behaviour!   

I will keep you posted.

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