Goldilocks and The Groove

February 6, 2017

We all knew it straight away, you know that feeling you get when everything is just right?

The Goldilocks effect travelled through the floor and up through my feet, filling me with complete certainty as Lynden started to lay down his groove.

As a vocalist I am always looking for synergy, looking for the right musical chemistry for the moment. When I am working on a song it builds up in layers, so finding a bass player who can shape the right vibe intuitively is essential to my interpretation of the music. A good bass line will carry me into flights of creative melody. In rehearsals I can feel my feet lifting as new songs flood into my head literally making me feel high. The creative potential that Lyndon is unleashing can only spell the creation of wonderful new songs as we travel along the blues highway together. I am really excited about what is going to happen next.


We are delighted to have Lyndon's accomplished musicality and sublime improvisation skills. This band is becoming Annie shaped.



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