Automatic Annie - Cool Name!

March 2, 2017



Automatic Annie!” you say. “That is a cool name for a blues band, why did you choose it?”
The naming of bands is a difficult matter, it’s like trying to find your soul in an echoing hole. A good name paints a picture, throws you the vibe and gets you to the gig!


Automatic Annie jumped out of a song that is a favourite of ours,

Wang Dang Doodle, written by Willie Dixon,
It is an invitation to a raucous party. All the good time, bad folks are going to be there.
Some are infamous characters from The Mississippi Delta like Pistol Pete, Aunt Caroline Dye (Local Voodoo Lady) and Shaking Boxcar Joe, who might just steal your boxcar home from under you and sell the wood for fuel.


Automatic Annie would show up for that sort of party,

she would be shaking her hips, singing with Fat’s and Washboard Sam
and she wouldn’t want you to miss the fun.


There is no doubt in my mind that you should be at the party too!


Automatic Annie all live and work in The West Midlands. UK

Julia is in North Shropshire, near Wem, Pete, Steve and Lyndon in Staffordshire and Simon in Telford. The band work hard to rehearse together regularly and although the logistics are tricky we aim to play for you as much as we can.

The band love playing live, love playing together, and love the music we make. Automatic Annie is a hard working band that is on the Blues Escalator, in demand and making a name for themselves.

We're gonna pitch a Wang Dang Doodle All Night Long!


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