Simon Clark  is an experienced small group jazz and big band drummer who is embracing the blues with Automatic Annie. 


A relatively late starter to drumming, Simon had to wait till he had left home before getting a drum kit as his mother wouldn't let one in the house! Not to be deterred he took up formal lessons and began playing with rock and covers bands. His early musical influences were progressive rock, which morphed to jazz fusion and then to swing and modern jazz and the blues.


Over the years Simon has attended jazz workshops where he has had opportunity to play with some of the UK's best jazz musicians, including Alan Barnes, Stan Sulzmann, Nikki Iles, Nick Weldon, Dave O'Higgins and Dave Lewis. He has also spent time with expert drummers such as Malcolm Garrett, Trevor Tomkins, Clark Tracey and Martin France.


Recent projects include live soundtrack for the Goon Show stage production with jazz violinist Ralph Allin and performing with blues singer Mike Ayres. Simon also composes music and plays the vibraphone.

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