In Lyndon’s hands, the bass becomes a formidable instrument. Lyndon’s fingers find jazz licks as easily as rocking his head and walking the blues. Lyndon lays down the solid groove for Automatic Annie.  


In his early teens, Lyndon honed his energetic talent playing the guitar with local band Crafty Jack. In the nineties, he recorded two albums with The Fabulous Blues Roosters and spread his musical wings. By 2001, and having wrangled the guitar into submission, he switched to playing bass and formed The Plot with Howie G. This successful partnership went on record two albums and tour across Europe and The UK.  This partnership became The Howie G Review recording and touring and performing at The Legends of Rock. After all this full-on rock n roll Lyndon took some time off the road to reflect on his direction and get into some intense musical development once again. Lynden joined Artizan based in Crewe.


The Blues began to call, as it does, and going back to roots was as natural as stepping into old shoes.

In common with Pete and Julia, Lyndon’s favourite band in his formative years was Led Zeppelin, who opened the door to trace back the music of Willy Dixon, Lead Belly, Howlin Wolf, Memphis Minnie, John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed.

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