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Julia's background is quirky as her vocal style.


As the only child in a musical and artistic family, she was introduced to folk, jazz and blues, art, operetta and theatre from year dot.


"When I wasn't being a witch and making spells in the greenhouse, 

I was singing for garage bands, and trying out being a punk.

I had an odd childhood." 


While studying Fine Art at St Martin's School of Art, Julia became

immersed in music and performance art, regularly performing

on the fringes of Central and West London's music scene when Soho was thriving. Notable performances were with Stefan Barry who is

now a resident medieval chieftain in Cragganowen, Claire, Co limerick.


In the 90's Julia was songwriter and front woman for rock band

Muses Fluke. This successful five piece rock band recorded,

performed and toured with the same musicians for ten years.


After Muses Fluke, collaboration continued with songwriter and

musician and husband Tin Raven, This musical partnership continues

to this day as 2 Ravens. Julia and Tin Raven creatively support each

others projects as musicians, videographers, artistic advisers,

photographers and fixers.


After a long break from music (when becoming a mum happened) Julia returned to beat out her long held desire to sing Jazz, Rhythm & Blues.


In August 2016 she joined Bucket of Blues UK for ten gigs. 

Julia,  Pete and Terry Earl Taylor from BOB UK  went on to co-found

Automatic Annie in February 2017.  


Talented multi instrumentalist, Julia plays piano, guitar, harmonica

and alto sax and continues to write music and collaborate with her extended musical family. She takes a keen interest in the independent Rock Band, Empire of the Ants with whom she often collaborates.


Julia is graphic artist and produces all the media work for the band. She is the only daughter of luthier and jazz musician Richard Bartram 

and the children's author and poet Sandra Bartram.


Julia's birth name is Julia Bartram. She has recorded independently and with Muses Fluke under the name  Opus Raven.


These days folks call her Annie.


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